Sunday, 28 August 2016

Outfit: Ew Boys


These badges were the point of this outfit (to me:))
I lllove jokes and silliness and being weird.
I've never been into "boy bands"...

I bought these badges as a souvenir for a friend 
because she had said that she thought they were cute
(her fave was Harry... but of course!)
I thought it was hilarious!
She was not impressed... maybe she already had a new boy band in mind.

But she was sneaky. 
When she was leaving my house, she said she forgot something downstairs.
We waited upstairs.
When me and my sis went downstairs the next day we found the badges on the table :'D
It was the funniest!
I never spoke about it to her.
And I've treasured the boys ever since.
They make me laugh :D 
 The best gift I ever gave to anyone.

 See the white board in the background.
It's a Pokémon Gym.

Kid you not.

Taste like sea!

 So yeah.
It was a typical shooting day for us.
It stared raining... see my hair ^ w ^;
So a couple of pics at home sweet home.

 I really liked how my lips turned out.
I mixed a few different shades (nude + white) and gold pigment.

hat: thrifted
shirt: second hand
vest: thrifted + DIY
skirt: thrifted
tights: old
backpack: old

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Lavender Hair Outfits

Street Cubs 

I think we had a fun fun dressing up (hair) month.
My fave looks from both of us was the doll act one :)
Ilar's story (in the post) made me laugh so much too :'D

Ilar's fave looks are Lind's Space Koala Attack and Suspicious Doll Act for himself. It was hard decision.

Which one did you like? 
 Or what has been your favourite style you've been wearing yourself?
^ - ^

We are working at the animation festival tomorrow again.
It's fun but we are sooo tired when we get home ;D hehe

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Outfit: Magician Duck + new hair

We found these cute ducks and just had to take pics with them :D
there is a Pokémon GO gym next to the ducks
so you can imagine what happened...
a bunch of wild kids appeared D:

 The saddest part of the story is that the gym is located 
in a school...
Poor teachers!!
; A ;

 You don't wanna know 
what the magical duck just told me...

 So yeah,
we hid behind this... Thingy
to take the rest of the pics.

 I can't read tags... they suck >;)
But there was this one "tag" which said


 New hair!
It was super pinkish after bleaching the roots.
And we wanted to go green.
So that wasn't possible.

This is what we ended up with.
We love it :)
 We used
Splat's blue envy (mixed with a tiny bit of deep emerald)
and aqua rush and Direction's turquoise

The reddish streak is Direction's ebony mixed with a ton of conditioner. 
We wanted to experiment with ebony to understand it 100%
When we used it without conditioner it turned black and faded into a blue... We really need to play with it more ò . ó

 This is pretty accurate pic of my lol face.

jacket: unif
dress: old
shoes: gift

 Poor Ilar.
He didn't get a pic with the ducks...


 Ilar wanted to demonstrate the ways to wear a top hat.
This is a modern cool guy style.

 This is the charismatic old school style.
 This is how you say hi to people.

 This is how you turn invisible.

 I almost forgot to mention that 
blue is so hard to get out of your hair
but we have had good experiences with Splat's blues (especially aqua rush) so we weren't scared to dye our hair blue.
We'll keep you updated about the fading process :)

 Ilar's hair has more red streaks.
I think they are so cute!

hat: gift
vest: thrifted
t-shirt: helsinki comics festival