Thursday, 8 December 2016

Thrift haul: Skinned fake beasts

Here's a little thrift haul once again!
We found some things we want to share with you.

First we found this fake cow hide skirt.
The fabric itself is not stretching at all so Lind can barely put it on what it comes to her hips but from the waist...
Well, it's quite large. We are going to mode this perfect for her.
This fake fur coat is lovely.
Lind bought originally to use it as a scraps for other coat she has but for now she's enjoying it as it is.
Why she wants to mode it? Well, gray is not really her colour ;) 

Here's a beret for you. It's red. Lind didn't have one before now.
Nuff said.

We bought these two movies all though we have seen both;
Frida: dramatized biography about painter Frida Kahlo.
By Julie Taymor
Pan's Labyrinth: Dark fantasy about second world war viewed through eyes of little girl.
By Guillermo del Toro
We just simply wanted to own these 'cus they're such good movies.
I recommend both of these.
Pan's labyrinth aesthetics and special effect make up is 
amazing and Frida is much girl power in a very weird relationship which makes the movie so intriguing to watch.

Hope you enjoyed reading this little post.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Outfit: Turquoise is the colour of the Day

 I'm wearing Finnish design in this outfit 
^ - ^
I used to buy a lot of Finnish stuff around 2009-13.
Nowadays I'm all about thrifty stuff ;) as you all well know.
Still big fan of Finnish design.

Ocean wave.

Talking about the ocean, she wanted to join me of obvious reason...
Almost hair twins :D yay!


t-shirt: Haldin
 tights: mary a jalava
necklace: diy

Apparently cyborg fur ball wanted to join as well...

Posing in front of camera is no biggie for either of these fellas.

Ilar has limited collection of Finnish design but at least 
there's always a Marimekko :D


Cyborg was all furious about lack of attention it received in photo shoot. 

shirt: thrifted (marimekko)
pants: gift
scarf: old

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Thoughts of the Day: Xmas

Xmas or Christmas?
First one is mine.
I don't write my mother tongue.
It must be said:
"X removes the Lord."
Thus Forbidden.
Such a strange thought.
Culture so fragile.
Negated by a letter.
Unknown factor.
World without dictators.
That's a happy Xmas for me.